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Two-tone Ultrasonic Flute Dog Whistle

Two-tone Ultrasonic Flute Dog Whistle

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Dog training has become easier and more convenient with this Ultrasonic Flute Whistle. Put less strain on your voice and train your dog with the Two-Tone Ultrasonic Flute Dog Whistle. Training has never been more fun for your dog until you use the ultrasonic whistle. The high-frequency sound can be heard by your pets with ease, unlike most humans. Its small size, designed with a keychain makes it convenient to carry.


  • Ultrasonic Sound: The sound is not heard by human ears
  • Two-Tone Whistle: The two-tone provides a higher frequency keeping your dog alert as soon as they hear it.
  • Keychain Included: Carry it with ease and use it anytime anywhere

Dimensions: 2.2 x 0.6 Inches 

Includes: 1 Whistle

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