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Rear Lifting Harness

Rear Lifting Harness

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Stop bending over to lift your dog off of the ground. Some dogs just need a little boost getting into the car. The Dog Lift Harness Brace allows you to give your dog the boost they need without physical harm to you. The harness comes with a large and heavy-duty handle to help lift your dog from behind to help them climb. Made of breathable and soft material, there's no harm nor discomfort to your dog while in use. 

Help the dog walk with love and care. Lift the dog and walk it with ease, support and eliminate the burden on both yourself and the dog!


  • Heavy-duty Handle for Lifting: Lift the heaviest dogs out there
  • Use for daily walks: Can be used on multiple occasions
  • Breathable: Utmost comfort for your dog
  • Soft Padded Handle for Lifting: No matter how big your dog pick him with ease

Color: Blue

Material: Linen

Includes: 1 Lift Harness


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