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Portable Mesh Pet Gate

Portable Mesh Pet Gate

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Keep your pet safe and out of unwanted places using the Portable Mesh Pet Gate. Its lightweight and portable convenience allow you to move it anywhere in the house including outdoors. A tough and durable mesh helps withstand pet abuse while keeping them out of unwanted areas. The gate is easy to assemble with 4 adhesive buckles that are attached to the mesh gate causing no damage to your home. 

The Gate works as both an infant gate and a small pet gate to keep mischief contained by providing a safe, closed-off environment to play and rest. You can also create a private space for them when you have visitors around.


  • Lightweight and portable: The mesh door is light and portable to meet all your mobile needs
  • Tough mesh gate for animal abuse: The pet door is woven from a sturdy, partial mesh fabric that can withstand abuse from small pets
  • Adhesive buckles for attachment: Makes it easy to assemble and requires no tools
  • Foldable: Can be folded into a small size, convenient to store

Includes: 1 Mesh Gate, 4 Adhesive Buckles, 2 Poles

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