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Luxury Hooded Pet Bathrobe Towel

Luxury Hooded Pet Bathrobe Towel

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There is nothing more pleasant than rolling up your pup in a smooth and cozy robe after taking a shower. Quickly dry your dog off and keep him comfortable & warm with our Luxury Hooded Pet Bathrobe Towel.

Let your dog lounge around the house after a being cleaned in the Luxury Hooded Pet Bathrobe Towel. The robe provides an ideal way to protect dogs from cooling after bathing or walking in the rain. It comes with an adjustable belt to help fit your dog and not easily fall off. 

This Luxury Hooded Pet Bathrobe Towel is designed with an adjustable belt at the waist for a better fit. Perfect for your puppy sleeping on a cold night, also great for a photoshoot, etc. Keep your pet warm after bathing or walking in rain. Made of quality cotton fabric, breathable touches soft and comfortable


  • Cozy and comfortable: Loose-fitting around the legs so it doesn't rub or irritate your dog.
  • Easy to clean: These robes are machine washable so if it ever gets muddy or starts to smell you can just throw it in the washing machine.
  • MOOD: This outfit will surely set the tone, giving your dogs the  peace they need before the massage they're about to get. 


Size:                Back Length: Chest:   Neck: 
XS             17cm 30cm 22cm
S              22cm 35cm 25cm
M                27cm 42cm 28cm


29cm 48cm 32cm


32cm 55cm 35cm


35cm 60cm 38cm

Includes: 1 Robe

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