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Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack

Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack

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Transport your pet in style with our Foldy! A great choice for holiday trips to the vet or car rides! Designed to fold down and store away when not in use.

Built with great durability to support your pet's weight. The backpack has tough mesh to withstand pet abuse while giving your pet fresh air. Adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear. Side pockets make it possible to store water and other pet items while on the go. When not in use, the backpack can be folded into a more compact size for storage. 

This Short Trip Superstar for your furry companion is available in multiple colors! 


  • Foldable: The backpack can be folded into a more compact size for storage
  • Comfy Design: Reinforced padded straps and a sturdy bottom pad will make sure both you and your pet have a pleasant journey. 
  • Superior Visibility & Safety: Multiple mesh sides with a fully enclosed top will make sure your pet stays put and fully engaged during your adventures.
  •  Side Storage: Multiple pockets to store water, snacks, and any other necessity for your travels.

  • Adjustable Straps: To make it comfortable to wear
  • Tough Mesh: To withstand pet abuse while giving your pet fresh air

Includes: 1 Backpack

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