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Flower Petal Dog Feeder Bowl

Flower Petal Dog Feeder Bowl

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Want to let your dogs eat food and have water at once ?

You should have some good dog bowls that you can fill with food to let your dog eat at his convenience. There are dog bowls available in different sizes, materials, shapes and colors to give you plenty of choices while buying the essential pet accessory.

Feed more than one pet at time with the Flower Petal Pet Feeder Bowl. It can allow up to 6 pets to eat at one time making it perfect for small space homes or people with multiple pets. Non-slip grips makes it easy for pets to eat in one spot without movement disruption. 


  • Multi-function: this bowl can be available for water or food, which is economical and practical, and it is easy to use.
  • Multi Pets Use: it can allow six dogs or cats to eat food or drink water at the same time, and you can save much space. This product is perfect for the family with many pets or without too much space.
  • Convenient: the bowl adopts the environment-friendly PP to make, which is high-quality and non-toxic for pets while it is accessible to wash easily.
  • Design: the petal appearance is attractive and arouse the curiosity of pet to add fun to the feeding.
  • Exquisite Craft: the details show the quality, and it has a long service life. It is stable when pet are eating or drinking.
  • Suitable Height: the height is perfect for pets to use without efforts, and it can promise the food and water is not easily to leak at the same time.

Includes: 1 Bowl 

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