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Double Dog Leash

Double Dog Leash

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Walk two dogs while holding one handle with the Resistance Double Dog Leash. With great durability and resistance to tension, your dogs will be safe while you stay in control of your daily walks. A firm and soft rubber handle make it easy to keep ahold of the leash while you walk. Snap buckles at both ends will make attachments and remove from the double dog leash a breeze. 

Have two dogs to take on a walk? Does walking tire you out so quickly that you feel drained? Worry not, this double dog leash will help you get your puppers under control! Don't just walk, run with your friends now- easily and comfortably while handling it all in just one go!


  • Double Dog Walks: Take both your dogs on a walk at once
  • Soft Rubber Handle for Walking: The soft rubber allows for a better and more comfortable grip. 
  • Resistance to Tension: Don't worry about the leash breaking

Rope Length: 55 inches

Material: Nylon 

Includes: 1 Double Dog Leash

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