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Plush Velvet Harness

Plush Velvet Harness

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The Plush Velvet Harness is warm and soft to keep your dog comfortable during walks. The harness is easy to assemble on and off your dog and fully adjustable. 

Perfect for taking the dog on lunches, brunches, and dinners! The newly developed plush velvet harness will have your dog trodding proudly in the neighborhood with a royal feel!


  • Strong Support: There are two metal spring strips in our front leg wrap that provide strong support for your dog.

  • Made of high-quality material: Our dog leg protector is made of high-quality neoprene, shockproof, flexible, and soft. Easy to wear, easy to wash and it doesn't hurt the skin of your dog.

  • Useful for Dog's Healing: This dogleg wrap is a very useful therapy product and help relieve dog joint pain.

Material: Suede + velvet

Includes: 1 Harness

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