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Bone Shaped Dog Toothbrush

Bone Shaped Dog Toothbrush

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Tired of brushing your Dog's teeth? Hold on.. We got a Solution for you.

The Bone Shaped Dog Toothbrush makes it more convenient to clean your dogs mouth than physically using a toothbrush to do it yourself. Durable bristles and molar bites around the bone keeps your dog chewing as they enjoy the different texture patterns.

Pour your dogs favorite toothpaste in the top insertion hole. As your do bites and chews the toy, the toothpaste will spread throughout the toy making oral hygiene fun for your dog.

Recommended for a 10 minute use per cleaning, the Bone Shaped Dog Toothbrush is easy to hand wash for its next use. 


  • Oral Hygiene: Effective way to clean your dog's teeth with their favorite toothpaste.
  • Unique Design:  Grooves that clean teeth, keeping them shining and healthy. Spikes vary in sizes and angles, helping to grind off any plaque or tartar.
  • 360 degree: To help your dog's teeth clean more effectively, The toy is covered with bristles on the four sides. It like a bone attracts the dog's interest and helps clean the mouth.
  • Soft texture: Designed to be safe for your dog's gums, and will help them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases
  • Comfortable: Soft chewable bristles and molar bites.

Material: Rubber

Dimensions: 14.5x3.7cm

Includes: 1 Toothbrush Bone

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