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Retractable Leash

Retractable Leash

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The Retractable Dog Leash w/ Dispenser has an adjustable tape length that can control your pet's range while on walks. Its ergonomic design makes holding the leash with a one-button control easy for owners to use. These come in a variety of bright reflective colours to choose from to ensure safe walking any time of day. Though options to not have a doggie bag dispenser are also available, having one attached will give you all that you need in one leash for your safe daily walks. 

The dispenser makes it easier to put the bags in for clean scooping!


  • Retractable Leash:¬†Easy for convenience and less struggle required
  • Reflective Bright Colours: Bring all the attention to your dog
  • 5 metre length:¬†Give your dog the space to enjoy your walk without getting out of your sight

Material: Nylon

Maximum Length: 5m

Dimensions: 7x4in

Includes: 1 Leash

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