Which Collar, Harness, and Leash Is Right For My Dog

When you own a dog, there are many items that are a necessity to have to give your dog a happy and healthy lifestyle. From food to toys to blankets and beds, you will want to ensure your pup has everything they need to have a happy and healthy life. When buying the perfect collar or leash for your pet, the selection can be overwhelming! Here are some best options that are perfect for dogs and puppies.

Standard Flat Collar

A standard flat collar is a perfect option if you want a collar that will last through multiple dog seasons and fits most breeds. They are comfortable for both dog and owner and can easily fit each animal. These collars come in various materials, including leather and neoprene, so they are suitable for all weather conditions. Additionally, these collars come in multiple sizes to ensure they fit most dogs.

Martingale Collar

The martingale collar is a popular type of collar for dogs. It's an additional loop on the collar with a metal D-ring in the middle. The belt tightens when the dog tries to pull away, preventing them from escaping. This collar is helpful for dogs with narrow heads, such as a Greyhound. There are several reasons why a martingale collar might be a good choice for your dog. First, it's very effective at avoiding leash pulling – even strong dogs tend to stop pulling when wearing a martingale collar. 

Head Collar

The head collar is an excellent choice to keep control of energetic dogs that like to jump and pull. Its design prevents dogs from lunging with their entire weight, allowing you to gain control of hectic situations. Be aware that dogs with high uncontrollable energy levels may benefit better from a harness as excessive lunging and pulling on the head collar can hurt their neck. 

Back-Clip Harness

A back-clip harness is an excellent option for puppies and dogs still developing their neck strength. This harness attaches directly to your dog's back with two clips. The clips attach around your dog's shoulder blades, giving you a good grip while driving or walking. This harness also provides extra support for your dog's back and prevents them from pulling on the leash.

Front-Clip Harness

A front-clip harness is perhaps the simplest type of harness you can use with your puppy or dog. It comprises two parts: the chest strap, which fits around your pet's chest and attaches to the back of the harness, and the collar, which fits around your pet's neck and has a buckle on each side. The advantage of this type of harness is that it is straightforward to put on and take off, making it perfect for when you're out and about but also ideal for keeping your pet close at hand. Most importantly, a front-clip harness is comfortable for you and your pet, as it ensures minimal pressure on their neck. 

Types of Leashes for Pet Dogs

When it comes to training your puppy or dog, you'll need a leash. However, not all leashes are created equal. Several different types of leashes can be used for various purposes. So which type is the best for you and your pup? Here's a look at the different types of leashes and what makes them so great for training. 

Standard Leash

A standard leash is the most common type and is perfect for general purposes. It's made of durable materials such as nylon or leather and can be long enough to reach almost anywhere your pup might want to go. Plus, standard leashes are easy to handle and comfortable for you and your pet.

One downside of standard leashes is that they're not very effective in controlling your pet's behavior. That's because they're only long enough to allow your dog some room to move but not so long that they can wander off by themselves. If you need a more restrictive leash for training, you'll need to consider a shorter variety.

Retractable Leash

The retractable leash is another popular leash that gives your dog a sense of freedom. With most being over 20 feet long, the leash allows your dog to wander further away without being off-leash. If you don’t like giving your pup the maximum distance, the leash enables you to lock the desired feet. Be sure to periodically check your leash for wear and tear to prevent breakage while walking your pup. 

Slip Lead Leash

The slip leash is an all-in-one collar and leash for your dog. Simply loop the leash around your dog's neck and pull it to tighten. The leash will tighten as your dog pulls, giving you more control when walking or training. However, with no barrier set to prevent the leash from tightening too much, this leash is not for the aggressive lungers and pullers as it will choke them. This leash is most popularly used to help train dogs rather than go on walks. 


When choosing the right leash, harness, and collar for your pup, choosing one that is comfortable and fits your dog perfectly is essential. Not every harness will work for every dog, so it is necessary to take the time to try out different types on your furry friend to find the one that best suits them. 

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