Top 10 Foods Your Pup Can Eat

Our doggos have become a big part of our family. Let’s be honest, they are basically our children now. Your dog will be by your side waiting for a delicious treat, and with those sweet puppy eyes, you can’t hardly tell them no. 

We have put together a list of 10 foods that are safe for you to share with your beloved friend. That way, you can feed them yummy treats that make them happy while also keeping them healthy. 

  • Bread:
  • Though bread does not give any nutritional value, it is ok to give your dog plain bread!

  • Cheese:
  • As long as your fur baby isn’t lactose intolerant, cheese can make a great treat.

  • Eggs:
  • Once fully cooked, eggs are a safe way to provide your dog with more protein. 

  • Fish: 
  • Not only can you get good fats and amino acids from fish, but so can your pup! Any type of fish will do, whether it’s salmon, shrimp, tuna, or whatever your heart desires. 

  • Turkey:
  • Make sure there are no bones in the turkey, and then let your pup go to chow town! 

  • Chicken:
  • It is fine to give a dog chicken and may even help an upset stomach. 

  • Peanut Butter:
  • As peanut butter is a healthy option for humans, so is it for your pup! This treat may even be a helpful tool while giving your pup a bath. 

  • Pork:
  • Small amounts of pork have proven to be safe to be consumed. 

  • Apples: 
  • They are packed with vitamins and can be a beneficial treat! 

  • Watermelon:
  • Without the seeds, watermelon is a great summer snack that you and your furry friend can enjoy together! 

    Final Thoughts 

    As you can see there are many human foods that are paw-sible for your pup to share with you! This doesn’t cover all the foods safe for your dog, but it gives you a head start. 

     Keep in mind, that there are also many foods that are not good for a dog to eat, and it is always best to do a quick google search before giving your puparoo a snack. 

    Stay tuned for more pup fun and stay up to date with the latest information regarding your loyal sidekick. 

    Bone Appetite!

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