How to Teach Your Dog to Stay

Teach Your Dog to Stay

You will want to teach your dog several basic commands, and “stay” is one of them. It is always best to start teaching them the common commands at a young age as they are most impressionable at that stage. 

When your dog knows how to stay in place when you tell them to, it can prevent them from getting hurt and help you control different situations. 

In this reading, you will learn the paw-ticular steps of how to teach your dog to stay!

Step 1: Minimize Distractions

Before you decide to teach your pup to stay, you want to be sure you are not around a lot of distractions. Dogs or especially puppies, can easily be deterred from the task at hand if multiple things are going on around them. 

When they are in the comfort of their own home with minimal background noise, they will be more likely to stay focused. 

Step 2: Sit Before Stay

Teaching your dog to sit before beginning this training is imperative to them learning how to stay. If you have yet to teach them to sit, be sure to check out our other post that teaches the steps to do so! 

Once you have them to sit you will be able to begin the real learning process. 

Step 3: Start Slowly Introducing “Stay”

After the dog has sat you can tell them “Stay” while holding the treat in their line of sight. Start slow, if they stay seated for a few seconds longer than usual, give them a treat and tell them “Good job”, followed by a rub on the head. 

Be sure you keep your eye contact directed at them, that way they know to listen to you next time you tell them this command. Repeat this step a few times but with a longer duration each time. 

Step 4: Slowly Back Away

Now that they are becoming familiar with the term you can start to incorporate distance in the training. Continue to do the steps listed above except this time, slowly back away. Do not turn around to walk away stay facing the dog, eyes on them, and with the treat still in their line of sight.

If you notice the dog start to get up calmly tell them “No” and walk toward them. At this point, the dog should sit back down and you can try again. If your dog doesn’t automatically sit back down, simply start over by telling them to sit. 

Final Ruffs

Getting your dog to stay just takes time and patience, like any other command that you want them to follow. Once your doggo learns to stay in place it will be “fur the better” in some situations that you may encounter. 

Whether you want to keep them from chasing cars or just need them to sit tight while you run to the mailbox, teaching your dog to stay will come in handy! 

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