How to Teach Your Dog to Lay 

Teach Your Dog to Lay

Teaching your dog to lie down is at the top of the list of commands that will come in handy for your dog to learn. When the “Sit” and “stay” commands just don’t cut it for your particular circumstance, having them lie down will come to your rescue. 

Laying down is a pretty basic command that can typically be easily learned but some puppies take longer to learn this than others. We will walk you through each step to get there and we encourage you to have all paws on deck for this training! 

Step 1: Start with Sitting 

The easiest way to get your doggo to lay down is to first get them to sit. You may notice that they automatically sit anyway when you are telling them to lay. This comes from them trying to figure out what command you are asking of them and since they know how to “sit” they will do that first thing naturally.

So, have your dog sit, and then you can move on to the next step! 

Step 2: Hand Gestures are Your best friend

Once your dog is sitting, you can start with your hand at their eye level and move your hand toward the ground while holding a treat telling them to “lay down.” 

You may have to do this movement a few times but eventually, the dog will want to follow the treat down and should then end up in a laying position. 

Step 3: Praise is key 

Just like any other command that you are teaching your pooch, giving them praise is what will keep them interested in listening to you. 

Giving them the treat, a little rub and a “good boy/girl” will be sure that they lay down when you tell them to. They will remember the praise that came from their actions to your words and will then want to continue to follow through. 

Step 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course, you don’t want to overdo the amount of time you spend practicing any skill. But, as the saying goes, practice makes pawfect…. or something like that! 

Give them the space they need if you notice them getting tired or not paying a bit of attention. When you practice be sure to give it a try in different places that way, they get used to the command coming from you and not just the scenery that you are always in. 

Final Ruffs 

Typically, teaching your dog to lay down is the next lesson from teaching them to sit. It is important to keep it fun and engaging. Don’t scold or punish your pooch if they are having a hard time learning the command or seem to be taking longer than expected. 

Some take longer than others and may need a little more patience. No worries dog momma or dog dad, with enough training and time your baby will be laying down when you tell them to in no time! 

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